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It seems fun, but it won't let me download it. I did everything right, but it still won't let me..

interesting idea, and a great feel to it

(Sorry for english, it's not my native language)

Awesome idea, it was really interesting and fun to play, difficulty level is near perfect and controls feel good. If you be making new one here is few suggestions i have: simplier visual style and contrasting colors between objects could make game simplier and more comprehensible to the eye and use of musical modes and resolutions could make gameplay deeper and more educational.

FYI MIDICat is pretty amazing!

Glad you liked it!  Hope people start to take more interest in MIDI controlled games ^^

I looked at this at Rezzed, but didn't really get a chance to play; I ran it today on my Lenovo Yoga 2 10.1 Windows tablet/ synth and it's super cute:D

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Such a cute and fun game! <3


This looks like a great idea. I've always wanted to experiment with making a game that used MIDI input but never got around to it. Any chance of a linux build? If it's not easy to do then don't worry about it.

I've uploaded a Linux version, but I've got no way to test it sorry >_<

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Can you re-upload it, please? The archive lacks Data folder, but has a redundant dll file.


Ok I think I was mislead by how big the .x86 file was >_<, I've changed the linux build now to be the .x86 and the Data folder.  I don't have a linux box so hopefully that works :o)


Really cute & unique concept! It hat fun imMIDIately :)